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At Shin, we pride ourselves on being the original Ikeman and the only restaurant in the US to have ever been featured in the prestigious Japanese Ramen Museum located in Shin Yokohama. Our Ramens are so exceptional that they earned us a spot in the museum not once, but twice – in 2013 and 2014, and again in May and June of 2023. We continue to serve the same mouth-watering Ramens that have earned us international recognition, and we can’t wait to share their flavors with you. Come experience the taste that has made us famous
– visit Shin today!


Flavor is what started this adventure and it has led the way. Growing up in japan has led me on an adventure where I now have the ability to share the wonderful flavors that I grew up with. We look forward to serving you!


Established in 2011.

Through the gift of Magic, Shin continues to serve the same wonderful flavor it has from the days of Ikemen and Shin Ya. The Traditional Japanese flavors of Ramen and Gyoza will continue to excite your taste buds. We had added a wide selection of sushi and yakitori as we want to bring the quality of fine dining to an affordable atmosphere.

Tim R.

Business Owner

I grew up in Japan learning to love the food and culture. I fell in love with Ramen and Gyoza and am happy to share traditional flavors with you.

I have been a magician over 30 years as well as I am a Magician Member of the Magic Castle and you will never know what Magician will walk into Shin Ramen at any given moment.

I am truly grateful for my friends and family that have helped get Shin Ramen to be a reality.

So if you are in the restaurant make sure to ask if there is a magician around keep an eye out for Zero the dog.


hours of operation

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