Shin Sushi, Ramen, and Yakitori
Tim Ratcliff

The Omakase Experience at Shin in Hollywood
What: Omakese
Where: Shin 1655 N La Brea Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028
When: Friday and Saturdays 6pm & 9pm (Starting May 19th)
Details: $175 Per person with $75 Saké paring
Indulge in an unforgettable culinary experience with our Omakase menu! Our expert
chefs, under the guidance of Head Chef Kenichi Maeda will guide you through a
tantalizing journey of Japanese cuisine. Chef Ken creates his menu featuring the
freshest and highest quality ingredients, carefully selected to showcase the unique
flavors and textures of each dish seasonally. Some current dishes include King Crab
with Uni Oyster, Soba with Yamaimo Mountain Potato, Uni Pasta Uzura Wasabi,
Sashimi Snapper with Chives and Ponzu and Clam Miso. The menu is subject to
change every few weeks. Some of our Saké offerings include Nanbu Bijij Kimai from
Iwate Prefecture and the World Saké Gold Medal winner 2019 Zaku Jumai Diagingo
from Mie Prefecture. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the Omakase
experience, explaining each dish as it’s presented and offering recommendations for
sake and beer pairings to enhance your dining experience.
Please contact us for a reservation to The Omakase Experience.